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Safety handles on speeding trams have failed, BBC reports

Inside Croydon

An investigation by the BBC suggests that the driver’s safety control on the south London tram network often fails to operate, providing a possible explanation for last November’s crash at Sandilands in which seven passengers died.

Seven people died and many more suffered life-changing injuries when a tram derailed at Sandilands last year

The safety control, which requires a driver to keep pressure on it at all times and which is supposed to bring the tram to a halt is a driver collapses or falls asleep, is commonly known as “the dead man’s handle”. It is a safety feature on all trains and Tubes in Britain.

But there have been recorded tragic failures in the past, most notably at the Moorgate Tube disaster in 1975 when 43 died and 74 people were hospitalised with injuries when their train exceeded the speed limit at the Northern Line station. Unexplained to this…

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