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This month’s Model Rail magazine came with a free bits box. I didn’t buy it for that but it was free so I might as well use it.

It made sense to use it for my stash of Sprat and Winkle couplings which are going to be my standard. I recently bought a pack of the new ready-made versions. These work out at £1.20 per coupling.

To give you an idea of how that compares to others, a “standard” (i.e. not NEM pocket) Hornby coupling can cost as much £1.50 each. And which looks better? Well the picture says it all really when you realise that only the hook arm and wire loop are visible on a finished vehicle compared with all that hideous plastic on the Hornby version.

I intend to only fit one end of each piece of rolling stock with a coupling with just a wire loop…

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