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Is an answer to the housing crisis near New Addington?

Inside Croydon

The last road in London is the inspiration and the theme of much of Outskirts, the latest book from John Grindrod, who grew up in New Addington

STEVEN DOWNES reviews the latest book from an author with his roots firmly in the Green Belt outside Croydon

Patrick Abercrombie could be credited as the man who shaped modern Croydon.

It was Abercrombie who, in that wave of optimism as the union jack bunting was being unfurled after VE Day, had published The Greater London Plan, and within it enshrined the notion of a “green belt”. In a couple of thousand years’ of largely organic development of this city, there had never been much of a plan for London before except, perhaps, when Christopher Wren drew up a blueprint after the Great Fire. And even that was never wholly implemented. London had just, sort of, spread.

The old LCC had had…

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