Commission draws the line under Newman’s bid for control

Inside Croydon

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE on how an effort to shore-up Town Hall power through boundary changes has left Croydon’s Labour leadership even more dependent on Jeremy Corbyn, the party leader many of them tried to oust

Croydon Tories’ leader Tim Pollard: will he lead a challenge to the Boundary Commission report?

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England may yet face a challenge from Croydon Tories to open up the process to further public consultation – a third one – after radical changes from the Commission’s first draft recommendations in Addiscombe and Park Hill were revealed when they published their final report this morning.

The creation of a single member ward for Park Hill and the Whitgift estate has come entirely unexpectedly, prompting some more mischievous Town Hall observers to wonder out loud whether this has been drawn up specifically with one person in mind.

“You used to call him…

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