3mm Woking Group does Mid Hants

Yesterday saw an expedition by 7 of us to celebrate (commiserate) 50 years since the end of steam on the Southern. National rail to Alton and then the 1040 hauled by 35006 to Alresford and a jolly fine trip. The cafe at Alresford do the finest bacon and Sausage rolls going and some of our group even indulged in the Shunters Breakfast. Back to Ropley we went and had a tour round the workshops, very informative shows the dedication, time and effort required by volunteers to restore and keep the existing locos running.

Trip round Ropley and a quick cuppa before catching Demu 1125 to Medstead and Four Marks so we could catch the real ale train from Alton on the way back.

Medstead is one of my favourite stations on the line and has a timeless atmosphere to it.

Catching the RAT we savoured our first pint (or 2) of the day which went down a treat – steam and beer what more could a man ask for!

Back to Alresford and half our party said their goodbyes and returned to Alton on the Demu which was the second to last train of the day. 3 of us decided steam was the only way to go so back to Alton on the last train. A very enjoyable day and thank you to Tim,Roger, Ann, Tony, Mike and Mr P for there lovely company.



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