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ESNG meeting – 16 August 2017


‘Low Wednesday’ today – only 4 members by 8pm, so no trains, but a pleasant time chatting and we still went home after 9pm.

Talk included a lot on trains in Japan, and a little on trains in North Korea.  So in lieu of anything else to report, here’s a fun video from the BBC.  It could make a good novelty model with an automatic shuttle….

The Seoul train that goes to the border and back

The DMZ dividing the two Koreas is the most militarised border in the world, but just inside it there is a little used train station. Come take one of the world’s weirdest train journeys with Steve Evans.

And some preservation TPO action, from the Great Central and Didcot – interestingly the links came from my NMRA newsletter from the States!

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