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Council leader forced to resign over critical Ofsted report

Inside Croydon

WALTER CRONXITE reports on another local government Carr crash over failures to provide adequate social services

The pressure is mounting this weekend on Tony Newman, the Labour leader of Croydon Council, over his and council officials’ response to the highly critical Ofsted report on the borough’s children’s services department.

Under pressure: Tony Newman

Newman will come under fire in the Town Hall chamber on Monday when the full council holds an extraordinary meeting over probably the greatest crisis for the council since the 2011 riots.

And Newman’s position will not have been made any stronger after news from neighbouring Bromley, where his counterpart as leader of that council, Stephen Carr, handed in his resignation yesterday over similarly troubling issues arising from a critical Ofsted report into that council’s social services.

Conservative-run Bromley had its Ofsted inspection of its children services department in April last year. The findings were as dire…

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