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Odd or even?


This is a question I’ve heard discussed before – does a train look better with an odd or even number of coaches/wagons?  (Note: American readers modelling mile long double-stacks, please move on now – you will have lost count long before the end of the train.  Or should you debate the number of locomotives – does A-B-B-A look better than A-B-A?)

There has been some recent discussion on N Gauge Forum of this old chestnut…

I’m told that an odd number of wagons always looks better than an even number, for some reason. You should get another one!

Run two trains – 13 in one, 11 in the other (other number combinations are available.)

I realise that this is totally off topic, but a lot of things consist of an odd number. More car wheels have an odd number of ‘spokes’ than have an even number, a lot of stairs…

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