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Croydon MRS show 2017 #1


Having successfully differentiated Farnham from Fareham, it was off to the Croydon MRS exhibition at Warlingham.  It was a very good show, with some excellent layouts, perhaps spoilt in places by poor lighting.  BH Enterprises were in a very dim spot, and were considering issuing miner’s helmets to peruse their stock.  At least the lighting would have allowed Bob to doze off unnoticed…..

In these two posts I’ll work up the scales, starting with ‘N’.  Atlantic Road has become a bit of a local regular, but always worth a look.  A good variety of trains running in location that ‘oozes’ South (or should it be ‘Sarth’) London.

Banbury is a fine model of the prototype station but it was a little monochrome when I passed by, with prototypical masses of DMUs on display.  The interesting part of the timetable came later.  Banbury station brings back memories of how we analysed…

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