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Jon’s modules – fettling Aldersford


We’ve been meaning to carry out some maintenance on Aldersford, our late President Martin’s N-club modules, based on the Southern Railway station at Ford.  The boards had warped, making running at last year’s ESNG show a little unreliable.  With a little more time on my hands, I foolishly offered to have a go at improving running, so the layout would be more reliable at Stuttgart.

The other catch with the boards was that they needed their own power, as there were 11 switches to operate points, sections, and lights, with a forest of wiring underneath the boards.  This would have allowed a train to reverse in the station bay platform.  But we didn’t understand what the switches did, and operation was by trial and error.  And we had only ever ran trains straight though the station.  So I decided to solder the points to be set to the main line…

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