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We should be ashamed that we need a Food Stop in Croydon

Sad to think 21st century and these places exist for those who live from hand to mouth in a modern society 😞

Inside Croydon

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The council last week launched a Food Stop service in Fieldway and New Addington, backed by a celebrity endorsement.

HELEN BENJAMINS, pictured right, doesn’t think this is anything to take pride in

This is shameful.

That the Government has desensitised the need for food to be subsidised is dire.

That we accept food banks and the need for places like this Food Stop, because families, both working and not, are struggling with the basic necessity of feeding themselves, is an act of gross negligence for any Government or political party.

We are not a third world country, nor are we the victims of a natural disaster, so why are we being expected to behave as if we are?

It seems to me that the dividing line for social economy isn’t, as we are led to believe, between North and South, but is very apparent right through where…

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