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Speakman speaks truth to the council’s powers-that-be

Inside Croydon

WALTER CRONXITE, our political editor, on a rare outburst of straight talking among our Town Hall elected representatives

Donald Speakman: ‘senior officers have lied’

“Thank goodness someone finally had the courage to say it,” one very senior Labour councillor confided after Monday night’s full council meeting in the Town Hall chamber.

It was the first such scheduled meeting since June, and for most of the borough’s 70 elected councillors, a first chance to comment, question or scrutinise the development surrounding the crisis in the council’s children’s services department, as exposed by the “inadequate” findings of the Ofsted inspectors.

And for all the polite, parliamentary language that has been used to talk around the subject over the past month or so, it was Conservative councillor Donald Speakman who went right for the core of the issue. He accused senior council officials of lying.

“It was the best intervention he’s ever…

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