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Wordless Wednesday, Not! (Shelfie2 The State of the Nation Pt2)

Albion Yard

So with the track down, wired, and working, point motors fitted, the track sub road bed was finally fixed to the chassis. The sharper of you will have noted that he’s not mentioned the fiddle yard or staging yet….

And that’s quite right, partly as I’ve not yet worked out how my fiddle yard will work. One thing I (probably) don’t want, is another baseboard with wasted space on it. I follow a few blogs and recently Rick de Candido has been writing about staging and storage yards on his fillmore avenue roundhouseblog. Iain Rice has also covered many types of fiddle yard variations in his writings and as you can see from the attached images, I’ve knocked together a ‘flying fiddle yard’ (or ‘stick’ more accurately), to give it a try. Firstly and simply it works. I do need a better support system for it and if you’re…

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