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Croydon’s social workers having to deal with double case work

Inside Croydon

WALTER CRONXITE on the anxious wait at the Town Hall for the latest update on the council’s children’s services department

Tony Newman: he thinks the Ofsted update is encouraging

Tony Newman, Croydon’s council leader, was described as “channeling his inner Young Mr Grace” at a meeting of his close circle of councillors last week when he gave his verdict on the latest update report on the state of the borough’s children’s services department.

“He didn’t quite use the words, ‘You’ve all done very well’,” our Katharine Street source said, “but that was his message.”

Our source was referring to the catch-phrase of a character in the 1970s sit-com, Are You Being Served, where the department store’s owner would arrive on set in the midst of some calamity or chaos, smile benignly, and then leave none the wiser, with a cheery wave. It may be an apt analogy.

At the…

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