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ESNG meeting – PlayDay 14 January 2018


Just the eight of us at yesterday’s PlayDay, but we had a pleasant afternoon running trains.  We quickly put together a large circuit…

And Simon was soon running some USA freight…..

Dave brought his quarry along, and was testing locomotives on the layout….

Paul filled the fiddleyard with Japanese tank wagons…..

Then put together a ‘whole circuit’ van train.  About 132 bogie vans, if I remember correctly.  Not quite the club record!

I ran in my second Farish NCB O4.  At just £49 from Rails, it would have been rude not to buy it!

I then ran a couple of Southern Pacific good trains.  The grey 70-tonner looks tiny against the Alco S4 switcher, but both managed a sizable goods train (though not up to Paul’s standards!)

Meanwhile, Derek was super-elevating the track on the new club N-mod corners.  A length of string under the outer sleepers PVA’d in place…

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