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On my workbench #4


Progress!  The second board for my N-club modules is wired and the three point motors fitted.  The wiring looks neater in the photograph than in reality, but it is at least all held in place with hot glue, and the wire colours are reasonable consistent.  Not entirely, as it’s impossible to maintain colours on a ladder of pointwork with the live frogs feeding each other.

Next was how to get power to the tracks.  The square platform in the centre of the board is to hold a small sealed box transformer.  I was originally going to tie this in place, but consulting with Mr Atfield it was suggested that mains electricity on baseboards was verboten.  However, I wasn’t convinced, and retreated to my books and the internet.  I found Mr Rice suggesting a ‘sealed’  (i.e. a wooden box with a screw on cover) compartment for the transformer within his ply…

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