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Watling Street – A Roman Road through the heart of Britain


Stephen Liddell

Though the Romans are famed for their roads along with many other things, they didn’t invent the idea of roads but rather vastly improved upon what had gone before with better engineering, money and manpower to it easier for their vast armies to police the empire and to a lesser extent to enable trade and commerce.

When the Romans arrived in Britain there was already a road system of sorts that dated back thousands of years.  What was to be come Roman Watling Street was a broad, grassy trackway that had been used by ancient used by the Britons for centuries.

Watling Street in NorthamptonshireThis stretch of Watling Street in Northamptonshire is no longer used for vehicular traffic but is still a right of way and it’s appearance is likely similar to how it was before the Roman invasion.

It stretched from Richborough on the English Channel to a natural ford in the…

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