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Kyle of Sutherland

The first proper trials of 1649 (still with masking tape around the panniers and plastic sleeving “crankpin nuts”) took place at the end of last month on “Little Stoke”, Allan Smith’s fine, freelance layout set appropriately somewhere on the ex-GWR main line in the West Country.

1649 180130 4715       West Country panniers

Using phosphor bronze wire pick-ups on the backs of the wheel rims, as Allan had shown me on 54458, 1649 was still a hesitant runner. That is until he showed me how to fine tune the pick-ups with a pair of very finely-pointed tweezers. With power to the motor, 1649’s twin beam and rocking axle compensation was able to do its job. 1649 has rather more side-play on the middle drivers than I would normally have, allowing it to successfully negotiate Little Stoke’s much tighter curves and points than on Kyle of Sutherland.

The next step with…

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