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A pair of Janii… Or a brace of Januses?

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

Don’t panic, I’m not going to try and master the English language by debating the correct plural for a Janus, but it does leave a minor dilemma when you’re dealing with them in multiple!

Anyhow, the announcement a while back that Oxford Rail were planning to produce a Janus diesel cane as very welcome news here at OTCM towers, we are big fans of the class and, as probably the most typical steelworks loco going, I was on the verge of commissioning someone to build a couple from the rather excellent Judith Edge kit. We don’t normally do chequebook modelling here but I’ve done etched brass kits, and, while they look OK I get zero pleasure from building them and someone else can do a much better job so I’d rather focus on being able to spend my time building something I actually enjoy…

The Oxford Rail model has been…

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