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Cheque book ?

Is purchasing a 3D body, cheque book modelling? That is the question. Gavin Rose very kindly reduced his 4mm LBSCR E2 to 3mm to produce this fine body. Add a pair of 3SMR chassis sides and coupling rods, 14.2 chassis spaces, Andy Shillito motor, Branchline gears, Society wheels and no I would not say it is. The body is a means to an end.

Need to level the body but pretty pleased with the result.


2 thoughts on “Cheque book ?”

  1. An interesting collection and you seem to have got an almost runner quite quickly.How come its out of level What are you going to do for pick ups. Can you actually see through it. What about the ripples ,I cant remember I used to have the name of a primmer for sorting them out. As its Black are you going to spray this one

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