Dirty little bu**er

New Hey to North Ballachulish

Dirty 15356 awaits the Oban road with a train of grain hoppers for the distilleries

There is always a little bit of trepidation about taking pristine stock and applying dirt to it to give it that realistic look of having a hard life, or about to have one. There’s a perennial debate on most Facebook groups and forums of to weather or not. its interesting to see some very entrenched views on the subject, particularly from those who think that stock should be run in out of the box pristine condition. Even when its pointed out to them if you looks at photos no loco coach or wagon actually is in that state once it has left the works and run. Ah but then, goes the argument, railwaymen had pride in the job and cleaned their locos. Yes some did, but the application of the infamous oily rag didn’t remove all…

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