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BWS Update 1: Introducing ‘Bottom Works Sidings’

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

I won’t lie, it’s been a seriously long time since I last completed a layout for myself. By that, I mean, in the best OTCM fashion, I was the principle builder, aided at various points and nagged constantly by Oly. In other words what happened with Six Quarters but with the boot on the other foot.

Stoating Bank was a completely joint effort, so tracing back, the last layout I could claim to be mine was built back in the early-mid 2000’s, when I was definitely still at school! There’s been plenty of false starts between then and now, some of which progressed further than others, but the lack of any layout production has been on my mind for a long time (and created further nagging from Oly!) even though in the most part there has been a good reason not to build anything…

Anyway, last year, when Model Railway…

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One thought on “BWS Update 1: Introducing ‘Bottom Works Sidings’

  1. Richard Preece on said:

    Yes have been following there posts since Uckfield but some how missed this on ,

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