The next project(s) #1


One benefit of blogging is being able to write about one’s thinking and planning of the next project.  It helps me at least to have to set down some ideas in a logical manner.  Of course, these ideas may change, and projects not get built…..  But it all helps the journey!

I am beginning to thing about my next layout project.  My American N-club boards are coming along, albeit slowly.  I should have been doing a lot of modelling last week, when it was too cold to do much else – but I basically went into hibernation.  But I aim to get these boards substantially complete, good enough to exhibit, for Stuttgart this year.  Then what?

I do have Kuritu, my bought-in Japanese interurban, to get up and running, and to add a few more details.  This may well happen in the next few months, now the loft floor is…

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