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A Multitude of Maps

Stephen Liddell

I had so many maps from my previous post Messing Around With Maps that I couldn’t fit them all in one post.  So here are another batch.

DNFv_zTXUAAau_C.jpg-largeHow the population of the U.K. would fit in the USA

This interesting map shows the relative population density of the UK and the USA in an interesting way.  Each coloured zone of the USA has the same population as the UK has a population density of 660 per square mile whilst the figure for the USA is only 85 people per square mile.   Britain as a whole is the twelth most overly populated country in the world and if you consider how empty large parts of the country are, then SE England is similar to that of Hong Kong and other places.  In fact as I type this I can’t even see the screen as too many people are in my…

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