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New build ‘Henry the Green Engine’


New Build Steam

Prototype face design by the Number Three Locomotive Trust. From a photo by Tony Hisgett, reproduced under Creative Commons licence CC BY 2.0.

The latest new build steam locomotive to enter construction has been revealed to be a full-size recreation of the character of Henry the Green Engine from the popular β€˜Thomas’ books. In an exciting and ground-breaking development, the locomotive is planned to feature a full animatronic face and sound system, to enable it to β€˜speak’ to enthusiasts.

Existing new build projects aim to produce new examples of classes of steam locomotive that were never preserved, sometimes from scratch and sometimes using original parts. This is the first time that the movement will go beyond the aim of recreating the past, and instead bring a work of fiction to life.

Project Director Tom Bywater said: β€œIt’s clear that the popular appeal of steam remains undimmed, but also that…

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