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My First Attempts at Modifying Points for DCC

Handy tip for Peco points

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

For my new layout I want to try a couple of things that I’ve never done before. These are DCC control and Cobalt point motors.

Peco points (called switches in the USA) are great and work well straight out of the box but to get the best from DCC and Cobalt point motors it’s a good idea to adapt the points. So having spent good money on these nice new points, I’m going to modify them!

I decided to do the easiest job first. Cobalt point motors have a positive action that holds the point tie bar in place. There is no need for the point to have the over-centre spring to lock the tie bar in place. The springs are easy to remove. I used a fine pair of pliers to remove the spring from the tie bar. Then I eased the other end of the spring out from…

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