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Letter from the ManCave

Albion Yard

This evening I’ve had Shelfie2 out on scaffolding trestles in the main room of the mancave. Normally this is occupied by a car, I know, weirdo eh? Still, having the space clear for a while has allowed me to put the layout up with a bit of breathing room around it. This works really well for me as you get that artist stand back and look opportunity, which sometimes shows an area for change or improvements.

The easiest change today was to block colour the baseboard leading edge, this shade of green may change, I’ll let it dry out fully first. It will also need re-sanding, the edge to scenery join is made with a flexible wall filler, which needs a few more fill/sand sessions to get it right. The green will show clearly the areas that need work, once cut back again. The painting also helps with motivation, it…

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