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The legendary Sopwith Camel – Icon of WW1 fliers

True hero’s lest we forget

Stephen Liddell

The first really star plane of the Royal AirForce was the Sopwith Camel which was already in service for the Royal Flying Corps.

The Camel grew out of the Sopwith Pup, a little fighter introduced in 1916, but which was soon outclassed by the German Albatroses and Halberstadts.

Its name derived from the slight hump forward of the cockpit. Its twin 30 caliber Vickers machine guns enabled it to destroy its (by WW2 or modern standards) flimsy opponents. In all, 5,490 were manufactured.

The plane wicked torque and killed a lot of novice British pilots, but the Sopwith Camel shot down 1,2494 German aircraft making it the most successful plane.

108 Sopwith F1 CamelSopwith Camel at RAF Hendon … come tour with me and see it for yourself

Though one of the better planes of WW1 and they did become much more advanced by the end of the war than at the beginning…

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