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Has anyone got a spare £200k?



Well after yesterday’s amusement now it’s time for something completely different.

I spent the day on Saturday playing on the narrow gauge at Beamish as part of the Great North Steam Fair. It was an excellent day apart from it being the only day of the four where it persisted it down all day!

I spent most of the afternoon driving Statfold, the 2005 built quarry Hunslet. It and Jack Lane were batch built by Statfold Barn Railway. At the time I am told they cost £140k.

Add some cash for inflation and material costs rocketing (particularly in 2008) and I reckon you’re looking at £200k for one now.

And I want one. They’re bloody good fun.

I’ve pre-ordered a 009 Dorothea but it’s not quite the same.

The problem is I’m £200k short. Can anyone help?!

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