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WW2 icons of the RAF

Nothing like the sound of a Merlin engine

Stephen Liddell

Following on from my RAF100 post the Sopwih Camel and WW1

By 1940 the awesome might of Hitler’s Luftwaffe had been displayed in the lightning blitzkrieg offensive that annexed France in six weeks. In the aftermath the British had managed to rescue more than 300,000 troops from Dunkirk with a hastily cobbled together flotilla during May and June 1940. Then the country braced itself for the inevitable Nazi aerial onslaught and invasion.

The Royal Navy ruled the waves and the German fleet was no match for it but the man in charge of the Luftwaffe, Goring, believed that the Luftwaffe would be able to take care of the Royal Navy or at least keep it contained.  This would allow the German navy to mount an invasion along the southern coast of England.

You can see my dedicated post to Our Finest Hour and The Battle of Britain


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