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ESNG exhibition 2018 #4


We’ll start today with a few shots of people.  It was good to see Kerry and Invicta there, and they seem to be selling a few things.

John and NScaleCH didn’t do as well….

BH Enterprises must have had a fantastic day.  Not only is Bob awake, but Ray is smiling….  I’ve really valued our ‘regulars’ for traders over the years, and made some good friends in the process.

The main N-mod team, Ian, Michael, Simon and Dave were helped by others through the day.  They not only kept a constant flow of trains running, but also swapped stock around to give plenty of variety – even down to some little Japanese trams.  In the foreground is Derek’s upgraded ‘Goonhilly’ module.  The radar domes used to be a couple of jelly baby container tops salvaged from Stuttgart, but they also attracted a few ribald comments….

And of course the catering…

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