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General Steam Navigation -35011

General Steam Navigation or GSN is a Merchant Navy class locomotive being restored to her original “air-smoothed” condition.

The loco is undergoing its retro fitting in Sellinge, Kent.

I have joined the GSN Locomotive Restoration Society and decided to go down and have a look at the work so far and lend a hand.

Today I went to give a hand and met Dave Williams who very kindly showed me round. The group based in Plymouth are having a working party this weekend and Dave was the advanced guard!

I soon was set to work removing the flaking paint off one of GSNs driving wheels. The Bullied Firth-Brown wheels are a wonderful design, but full of nooks and cranies!

It’s surprising how time flies when doing something like this, quite pleased with my efforts

A lot still to do on GSN and I hope to get down there again

More photos of GSN below


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