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Five Shunter Challenge Pt11: Where did I get to? (aka forgetting progress)

Grasslands Models

A few years ago I decided to attempt building a number of my locomotive kits in tandem, as a means to improving my abilities at each stage of the build; normally I spend years labouring over one locomotive and then completely forget any of the lessons learned along the way.

And so started my ‘five shunter challenge’ where I plan to build five shunter kits and do a bit of explaining along the way. Unfortunately, a few life crises destroyed my momentum and both this challenge (and the blog in general) have not moved very far in recent years.

Today I decided to revisit my kit boxes and look through the blog posts, so I could try and work out exactly where I got to.

My original plan was to get each of the chassis completed (including gearboxes etc.) and then move onto building all of the bodies. Although, I…

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