Swanage Sunset

Have you ever wondered what happens at the end the day when the public service trains have finished? Well after Type 3 Thursday all the locos have to be in the right place at the end of the day.

The 4TC set arrived with 3 locos on the back, 2x ED’s and bringing up the rear 33111.





So last service train arrives what to do with the locos? Put them to bed of course! The Hymek had already been stabled for the night on the shed road.


Then 33111 was put to bed.


Followed by Lieutenant Jenny Lewis RN


Even Devon Belle needs a rest!


Along with the 4TC


All the other guest locos were already bedded down for the night

So there you have it, already for tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Swanage Sunset”

  1. Two May diesel galas ago we raced the locos coming in from Corfe down to Swanage then hung about for a few hours to watch as they figured out the puzzle of putting them all in place. It’s a fascinating process. A great date night to boot. 🙂

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