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Hatton’s AB Review – RTR Coal Board

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

As the avid readers of OTCM are more than aware we’ve never been flush with cash here at OTCM towers and now as I currently bump blindly through my divorce I’m now tighter than a duck’s behind. This meant that I had to cancel my pre-ordered Hatton’s Andrew Barclays. I know, I can hear the violins playing from here, so here is a later than planned review. With added thanks to my new girlfriend for buying me it for my 30th (thought I’d ask for it in while the goodwill was still there)

Hot on the heels of the Hornby Peckett and Oxford Janus a ‘proper’ NCB tank engine was not far off and fair play to the Scousers at Hattons for taking up the mantle. These new retailer lead projects are bringing more and more unique and interesting models to the market. I am not sure the new Hatton’s…

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