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2,000 years on Bath Abbey is set to use the famous hot water that the Romans did!

Stephen Liddell

Long before the Romans, it was the ancient Celts who lived across the British Isles who first noticed the hot waters spewing forth from deep beneath the the surface of the Earth,  In fact, they used to pray there.  When the Romans arrived, they built a complex of baths and steam rooms to harness the power of the sacred springs.  They would bathe here, use the hot and healing waters rich in minerals to treat medical ailments, worship here and conduct business deals.

Modern day tourists still flock to the famous Baths and though the water still is rich in minerals and literally scorching hot, health and safety regulations and issues related to mass-tourism mean our contact with the waters is nothing more than a swig of the waters at the end of the tourist route which as one little boy told me two years ago, rather tastes of smelly…

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