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3mm London Area Group

Another very informative meeting, this time on the pros and cons of chassis building.

I gave the sorry tale of my Terrier chassis – determined to get it to work!

Tony Briddon brought along his competition winning Duchess which runs as good as it looks.

We also had a SE&CR O running (13.5 but able to go round the 14.2 test track).

Andrew Barnes brought along some of his lovely coaches

And for good measure a scratchbuilt SE&CR class C 0-6-0 which did quite a few circuits!

There was an example of an 0-6-0 chassis

And then Group discussion

All finished off with a couple of pints in the Parcel Yard – a good end to the day 😊


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  1. I have a feeling there were two GWR chassis only one on a Brians chassis which was one of the ones recomended on the E group.
    Thenthere was Wims chassis in progress not running for a Sharp Stewart 2-4-0 converted into an 2-2-2 I think with again I think with Geoff’s gearbox.I didnt take the M7 with a weighting or springing problem that has developed since Beckenham last year Mike recons its weight but I think I need to tighten up the spring mounting for the bogie.
    I still think we missed something else but cant remember what

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