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A six-point plan to enhance our precious, under-threat parks

A worthy cause

Inside Croydon

Lloyd Park caters for the full range of activities and interests in an open space

Conservationist PETER UNDERWOOD says that we need to support a Parks Charter to help guarantee the future of local open spaces

I love spending time in nature, and we are blessed with a large number and variety of parks and green spaces in Croydon. We all know that our local parks and green spaces are a vital part of our local area. They provide opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and they bring people together. Whether you are out for a run, walking the dog or just enjoying being out in nature, they are important in making us all feel happier and healthier.

But unfortunately we are also getting used to hearing complaints about how poorly managed our parks and green spaces are.

In Croydon, the council spent thousands of pounds to commission masterplans for improving our…

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