Thomas Harrison – Executed whilst cheerful!

How blood thirsty we once were

Stephen Liddell

Whilst walking around the City of London earlier this week, I came across a sign that I had seen several times before.  It had always made me smile, perhaps a little perversely given the circumstances but also as I admired the steadfastness of Major General Harrison… whoever he might have been.

Major General Harrison, Hung Drawn & QuarteredMajor General Harrison, Hung Drawn & Quartered

I’d always vowed to look up about Major Harrison but had always forgotten by the time I got home.  Apart from displaying the legendary British stiff-upper lip to perhaps unparralled levels, I realised I knew nothing at all about the man.  Now I know all about him, he seemed to be quite a gap in my knowledge!

General Thomas Harrison had played an incriminating role in the execution of King Charles I. After fighting at several major encounters in the English Civil War, he was entrusted with the military escort that brought…

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