Thank you even more, Accurascale!

Ideal for your layout 👍

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

You may remember a couple of posts ago, I reviewed the new Accurascale 24.5T hoppers and the overall conclusion was that they were top drawer, and probably the best RTR model of a wagon yet produced. In fact the only issue I picked up on was a minor QC issue where the incorrect vertical stanchion had been fitted to one wagon… not a major issue but something worth noting.

Then 2 amazing things happened:

1. It turns out people actually read this blog. (Hard to believe but apparently it’s true.) Some of whom are quite important in the industry. (Even harder to believe but again it’s true.)

2. As a direct result of the above, and via a convoluted route through Paul Marshall Potter and Oly using multiple communication platforms (10/10 for effort), unbeknown to me, Fran, the main man at Accurascale, sent me a new wagon to replace that…

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