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Developers’ own advisors say Sandrock scheme is not viable

Inside Croydon

Developers who want to build 19 flats in two ugly blocks in what was the car park of a once thriving pub in Shirley have no intention of ever re-opening the Sandrock as a going concern.

Under threat: the Sandrock

That’s the conclusion reached by local residents after reading a report by the developers’ own advisor, made available since the planning application was published by Croydon Council.

Objectors are holding a meeting on September 2, at which local councillors and members of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, will be invited to discuss the best ways to marshal their opposition to the overdevelopment.

The give away clue that the developers ultimately want to build yet more flats on the site of the 150-year-old Sandrock pub come in a report from their property consultant Nicholas Bignall, of Turner Morum.

In his report, Bignall states that “on all alternatives including affordable housing…

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2 thoughts on “Developers’ own advisors say Sandrock scheme is not viable

  1. Richard Preece on said:

    I think that is dreadful the Sandrock being bought up

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