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Victoria East – another Minories PS


It’s been a while since I looked at urban termini.  Looking at London Victoria in the 1950’s there seems to be an interesting ‘bitsa station’ design that is possible.

The distance between the road bridges is about 4′ in ‘N’, so this is very buildable.  To the left one could add a traverser.  To the right one could have a second scenic board with those interesting sidings (probably used for parcels stock from the Golden Arrow and fourgons off the Night Ferry.)  Or perhaps just another hidden board to terminate trains.  The named trains left from platform 1.  The others had a range of EMUs and steam hauled trains for the eastern section of the Southern Railway (formerly the SECR).

The next question is which side to view the layout from.  To give the full impression of a large London terminus, a view from the bottom of the plan, looking…

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