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BINMAGEDDON!: Council’s rubbish policy has ruined our street

Inside Croydon

CROYDON COMMENTARY: #CroydonBinChaos, with the imposition of three times as many wheelie bins on households across the borough, is being hardest felt by those living in smaller homes, with small or no front garden space, and by the elderly who are forced to navigate around the bins which are now strewn across our pavements, as ARNO RABINOWITZ, pictured, explains

The whole bin saga is a terrible mess.

This ill-thought-through farrago shows how, as ever with our council, when it comes within sight of big bucks, commercial might prevails. This scheme may suit bins contractor Veolia, but it doesn’t help many residents. The council’s ruling cabal has ignored the feelings and views of residents and ploughed on with a policy that is clearly wrong in so many, so many ways.

The new bins have created a huge degree of urban blight and have disfigured the whole area where I live near…

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