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A moment of reflection


I had a couple of “moments” this week. Firstly I realised that putting pressure on myself by saying I’d get something done by a certain time wasn’t healthy – much better to do it right than fast. This being the case, I have decided not to get the C2 finished for SuperPower at Dinas in 2 weeks’ time. I’d rather take it slowly and get it right. I’m sure (unless I make a right arse of it this time) I’ll get another chance to play on Bron Hebog another time so it can make its debut then.

This also plays into my strengths (weakness) of being a “reformer” personality which means I’m great at ideas and coming up with solutions fast, but once the excitement has passed, the completion gets a bit boring hence why I need about 20 projects on the go at one time – very frustrating for…

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