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The heavy boiler


As we know the Dukedog was created by putting the lighter Duke boiler into the Bulldog frames. So in this case, reverse engineering is to put the heavy boiler back on again. In reality it is a heavier boiler too as the K’s kit is of course white metal so the boiler is a right lump.

In fact, the boiler was the only bit of the Bulldog I kept. I cut along the top of the running plate and just in front of the cab to separate the boiler from the rest of the loco.

I built a new saddle using one cut from a Bachmann City boiler I’ve got in my spares box (the City is a standard 4 boiler not standard 2 else I’d use that in its entirety).

I also decided to keep the Dukedog cab as the backhead is fully detailed and with such an open…

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