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King’s Lynn Docks Branch – Part 3

Roger Farnworth

The Featured image at the start of this post shows the Bentinck Dock and its surroundings in a satellite image from Google Earth.

The Dock Branch from King’s Lynn Station to John Kennedy Road and the area around the Alexandra Dock were covered in previous posts:

King’s Lynn Docks Branch – Part 1

King’s Lynn Docks Branch – Part 2

The Bentinck Passage – the channel between Alexandra and Bentinck Docks

We concluded the last post with an image from Google Earth showing the Alexandra Dock and the channel between it and the Bentinck Dock, and a short series of pictures of the channel. This post starts with that the Google Earth satellite image from the last post and a few of the photographs of the channel and bridges which introduce us to the Bentinck Dock and ts surroundings.

The Dock from above on Google Earth in 2016 the two swing bridges…

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