The ticking timebomb shipwreck that could damage half of London

šŸ˜®fascinating but scary stuff

Stephen Liddell

Every now and then a newly made discovery of a long-lost shipwreck makes the news with everything from RMS Titanic to the lost ship of Captain Cook and everything in between.

There are a few shipwrecks however that are well known, even visible to us today. Ā Out of them all, there canā€™t be any more dangerous than the S.S. Richard Montgomery which since WW2 has lain, partially above water on the mouth of the River Thames.

The S.S. Richard Montgomery was a Liberty ship, from the United States bringing over 9,000 high explosive munitions and one of many reason why one has to be careful when looking for ā€˜treasuresā€™ on the banks of the Thames as I did in my recent post.

Known semi-affectionately to locals as the ā€œMontyā€, the 441ft-long (134m) vessel was a US Liberty ship, a type of cargo ship used during World War II. Itā€¦

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