The Modelling Bureau in Action

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

In May my daughter and I spent some time buying, repairing and repainting a writing bureau so that I could use it for modelling.

I’ve spent much of this year building baseboards, laying track and connecting electrics, jobs which are too big or too messy to do on this desk.

However, over the last month I’ve been creating the buildings for Thomas and Sons and the bureau has been ideal for this. It provides a great work surface on which to build and paint models plus there are lots of useful ‘cubbyholes’ to store tools, brushes, and all the odds and ends that I like to keep to hand. Best of all, I can leave what I am working on, close the lid of the bureau and the room stays tidy.

It’s been a pleasure to use the desk to get back to modelling and I’m looking forward to using…

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