Why Buy Something you can make for Pennies?

West Halton Sidings

Just a thought, and this isn’t a rant about ‘how much things cost’ at all. Rather I just wonder why people will pay so much for something which they make themselves for pennies.

Look at the price of the building behind the class 60…

The building costs just short of seventy five pounds. That’s a lot of money for a small, low relief building. And it’s N gauge too by the way, so it’s not large at all.

Now, the price for this sort of product is not out of line with other similarly sized ready made buildings so that isn’t an issue. But what I don’t understand is how the hobby is at the stage where people will spend so much on something which could be simply made in Plastikard and/or card. A bit of research online could probably bring dimensions of these could be estimated from photographs (a…

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