Another Minories

Another Minories

Another Minories
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A little bit of Poole – The Dorset Rambler

So following on from my previous post here, I continued my walk into Poole, the town from which Poole Harbour takes its name. But this is not the oldest town in the harbour, that accolade falls to Wareham which is further inland and came to the fore in Saxon times. Wareham was the main port…
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The Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial | Stephen Liddell

Last week I mentioned in a post about the vandalism of a number of memorials in London which made me realise that I should actually write a positive post about one of them in particular, The Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial is a memorial in Green Park, London, commemorating the crews of RAF Bomber…
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British History, Life

The Great Explorer Captain Matthew Flinders who was lost and now is found underneath Euston Station. | Stephen Liddell

Many of London railway stations are said to be built over the resting place of momentous names from times gone by.  Just like now, people in the 19th century didn’t really want big developments right next door and so train stations and train lines were often built amongst and on top of cemeteries, plague pits,…
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Trackwork, Various – A Model Meander

I managed a few trackwork related moments in the last week in amongst assorted excursions, tasks, crises, crises requiring excursions, etc… Most significantly, I got the first K-crossing for the Comstock Road diamond formed and pinned down ready for soldering. This took place on a larger pine board which I acquired for the purpose. I…
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’00’ Works to produce a R-T-R ex LSWR Drummond K10 class 4-4-0 locomotive | GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

The ’00’ Works have produced a number of small batches of hand built Ready to Run locomotives including a variety of Southern classes, including most recently an ex London and South Western Drummond D15 4-4-0 and also  ex London Brighton and South Coast Railway Marsh I3 4-4-2 Tanks. They also produced, before Hornby, a brass Devon Belle Observation car…
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Erith 2

Now off to Scotland with Rumbling Bridge a Scottish secondary line in the late 60’s just before closure.

Nice DCC control not too loud.

A tiny but nevertheless entertaining layout was 009 Hawkins Tower.

Now to Ireland with Argina Town 7mm Scale, Irish Broad Gauge (5’3″).

Back to England and Somerset with Edgington Jct , good olde Somerset & Dorset Rly.

We stay in the West with a visit to North Cornwall with Harlyn Pier an essay in O gauge.

There we have it. A good exhibition- worth £9?

My thanks as always to Mr P for his company and doing the driving.


Erith MRE 1

Sunday saw mine and Mr P annual pilgrimage to the Erith exhibition held at Longfield.

For once we were able to park outside which is unusual given our later arrival.

The admission price had gone up to £9 and a common view is that many exhibitions are underpriced .

I guess with the increase in venue hire, admission prices will have to go up and just hope footfall covers the costs.

Nough politics onto the layouts. As usual with Longfield there were the good and not so good. There were a lot of N gauge layouts alas no 3mm ☹️.

However the West Sussex Group were out in force with their modules

One excellent N Gaia get Layout was Scarborough Jct depicting a North of England mainline in the Grouping

Then the other extreme Hayling Island whose owners had around 12 Terriers on display (not all running at once I hasten to add).

American layouts don’t usually appeal to me but Andrew Knights Eastwood Vermont did. Very realistic creation of the American scene.

Sandford and Barnwell was a rather nice 4mm layout.

The MOD were also represented with Dovington Camp a modern take on and Railway work MOD camp c/w HRH the Queen (no Duke in sight – probably stuck in his Range Rover 😂). Also on show were Dalexs in containers and man on the loo!

Very Grim!